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After outcry, Apple carves out room for rival parental control apps to exist

[2019-06-04 21:42:45]

Apple updated its App Store Review Guidelines this week at WWDC 2019 — and many of those changes appear to be aimed squarely at the kinds of controversies that recently led us to ask whether Apple can be trusted with the App Store to begin with. Most prominently, as The New York Times points out, the company appears to be backing away from its stance that screen time and parental control apps shouldn’t have access to the same powerful mobile device management (MDM) and VPN APIs that big companies do — which the company conveniently used earlier this year to remove a whole bunch of those apps just as it was coincidentally introducing it own Screen Time feature. “It’s not clear why we should trust big enterprise companies to not steal...

After outcry, Apple carves out room for rival parental control apps to exist

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