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Angela Ahrendts to Leave Apple in April; Deirdre O’Brien Named Senior Vice President of Retail and People

[2019-02-05 19:44:01]

Apple Newsroom: Apple today announced that Deirdre O’Brien is taking on new responsibilities for Apple’s retail and online stores in an expanded role as senior vice president of Retail + People, reporting to CEO Tim Cook. After five transformative years leading the company’s retail and online stores, Angela Ahrendts plans to depart Apple in April for new personal and professional pursuits. Ahrendts lasted a lot longer than John Browett, but in Apple’s executive culture, five years is not a long run. Interesting that they’re putting O’Brien in charge of retail. With 30 years at Apple, she’s an insider, not an outsider like Browett or Ahrendts.  ★ 

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