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Apple’s new AI chief might actually be the right person to fix Siri

[2018-07-11 10:16:40]

What is John Giannandrea, Google’s former head of search and AI, going to do at Apple? The short answer is “a lot.” The more pressing answer is “fix Siri.” Luckily, Giannandrea seems to be the right person for the job. The 53-year-old Scottish engineer was poached by Apple in April, but his new title and position were only announced yesterday. He is now “chief of machine learning and AI strategy,” which means he will be overseeing a team that combines two of the iPhone maker’s most important AI products: Core ML and Siri. Core ML is Apple’s machine learning framework for apps. It helps developers run AI tools smoothly on mobile devices, and it’s essential for Apple to maintain its lead as the home of the world’s most advanced apps. And...

Apple’s new AI chief might actually be the right person to fix Siri

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