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Apple seeks deal with UK telecom to sell Apple TVs, says report

[2018-10-08 15:26:47]

Apple is attempting to expand the reach of its Apple TV, according to a report today from The Telegraph. The US company is reportedly in talks with UK telecom provider BT and its mobile offshoot EE to give customers the option to purchase an Apple TV that comes pre-loaded with BT’s pay-TV channel apps. The company is said to be looking at EE because of its younger user demographic. This partnership would obviously benefit both companies — Apple gets access to more hardware customers and BT can directly appeal to that same group. Reports that Apple is trying to launch its own streaming service have circulated for a long time. The company has ordered multiple shows that have seemingly nowhere to air. It signed a multiyear agreement with...

Apple seeks deal with UK telecom to sell Apple TVs, says report

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