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Apple Watch Series 4 Might Be Getting These Two Fancy Features

[2018-09-10 18:00:00]

If the latest torrent of leaks are to be believed, Apple’s plan for its trademark smartwatch seems increasingly geared toward having its cake and eating it too: A luxury timepiece with the functionality of the best fitness trackers, a sort of Rolex of wearables. That’s according to a pair of predictions that the imminent new Apple Watches will be fashioned with all-ceramic backs while also including medical-grade heart-rate measuring technology.Taken together, the two features seem geared toward reconciling a specific tension. It’s hard to think of anything you’d wear on your morning jog that you’d also wear on the red carpet. An Hermes-branded smartwatch — that can monitor your heart rate with the accuracy of a medical technician — sure seems like a device that might be able to solve that particular problem. ... Apple Watch Series 4 Might Be Getting These Two Fancy Features

Apple Watch Series 4 Might Be Getting These Two Fancy Features

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