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Christopher McQuarrie: ‘Focus Entirely on Execution and Not on Result’

[2019-10-26 15:18:54]

Christopher McQuarrie: After twenty five years in the craft, I’ve learned the secret to making movies is making movies — starting with little movies no one will ever see. The secret to knowledge is doing and failing — often and painfully — and letting everyone see. The secret to success is doing what you love, whether or not you’re being paid. The secret to a rewarding career in film (and many other fields) is focusing entirely on execution and not on result. McQuarrie is writing from the field he knows best — movies — but I really do believe this advice is universal. You want to be a writer? Write. You want to make apps? Create apps. There’s not much similar between football and filmmaking, but I recently heard Alabama head coach Nick Saban give the same advice to a younger coach: focus on execution, not results. The results you deserve will follow from the quality of your execution.  ★ 

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