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Fast Company: ‘Apple and Google’s Location Privacy Controls Are Working’

[2020-01-24 10:54:24]

Jared Newman, writing for Fast Company: Some recent data points to consider: Since the launch of iOS 13 last fall, the amount of background location data that marketers collect has dropped by 68% according to Location Sciences, a firm that helps marketers analyze location data. Location Sciences also found that foreground data sharing, which occurs only while an app is open, dropped by 24%. A Google spokesman tells Fast Company that when Android users have the option to only share location data when they’re actively using an app, they choose that option about half the time. As Digiday reported last week, apps are now seeing opt-in rates under 50% for collecting location data when they’re not in use, according to Benoit Grouchko, CEO of the ad tech business Teemo. Good news for everyone except dirtbags.  ★ 

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