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Google says it’s planning to build multiple first-party game studios for Stadia exclusives

[2019-10-24 20:05:02]

Image: Google When Microsoft was slammed for not offering enough compelling exclusive games to attract gamers to Xbox, it bought its way out — purchasing game developer after game developer to prep itself for the next console war. Now, it appears Google may similarly be shoring up the upcoming Stadia cloud gaming platform by building multiple internal game studios of its own. In March, Google suggested its plans to become a game developer would start small, hiring Ubisoft and EA industry vet Jade Raymond to lead up a single studio dubbed Stadia Games and Entertainment. But in a new interview with, Raymond reveals that Google isn’t planning to stop at just one. “We have a plan that includes building out a few different first-party...

Google says it’s planning to build multiple first-party game studios for Stadia exclusives

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