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How the Samsung Galaxy Watch stacks up against the Apple Watch Series 3

[2018-08-10 06:00:01]

Alongside the Note 9, Samsung has announced the Galaxy Watch, the newest addition to its line of wearables which ended with the Gear S3 two years ago. Samsung is offering the smartwatch in two sizes: a 46mm model that comes in silver, and a 42mm model which comes in midnight black and rose gold. The Galaxy Watch will be available as a Bluetooth-only version in the US on August 24th, and an LTE version, which will be available later this year. Like the Gear S3, the Galaxy Watch runs on a Tizen OS, which is said to have better battery life than Android Wear. And that’s one of the most impressive updates to the Galaxy Watch: the battery is supposed to last for several days on a single charge, about 80 hours compared to the Apple Watch’s 18...

How the Samsung Galaxy Watch stacks up against the Apple Watch Series 3

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