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iPad Pro, AirPower, and Mac What Could Launch at the Apple October Event

[2018-10-11 04:00:00]

Apple is increasingly expected to host a fourth product launch this year before the month of October is out. The tech company held a special educational event in the Spring, its annual software launch in the summer, and its signature iPhone keynote in the fall. But there was still much left unannounced.This year’s rumor cycle in particular whetted the appetite of ravenous tech fanatics for the possible introduction of the AirPower, an iPad Pro redesign, and new MacBooks. But all of that fell flat when Apple executives glazed over these expectations when they took the stage on September 12, giving rise to the theory that Apple would be reviving its October product launch as a follow-up. The Cupertino-based company has a track record of hosting product launches in October. Here’s what we could see at an event whose invitations could go out as soon as next week.... iPad Pro, AirPower, and Mac What Could Launch at the Apple October Event

iPad Pro, AirPower, and Mac What Could Launch at the Apple October Event

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