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iPad Pro Face ID and Apple Pencil Upgrades Detailed in New Report

[2018-10-09 13:02:00]

The iPad Pro is due for a big upgrade. A report published Monday claims Apple is planning to launch a new version of its tablet that will support face recognition and an Apple Pencil that works more like AirPods or the HomePod. The report also claims that the new tablet will offer USB-C support for outputting 4K HDR to an external display.The 9to5Mac report claims Apple will release a new iPad later this year with support for Face ID, the face-scanning system that debuted with the iPhone X that projects 30,000 invisible dots to judge the shape of a user’s face. The iPad version will work in both portrait and landscape but not upside down, but initial scans must be completed in portrait mode. Because of this upgrade, Apple will drop the fingerprint-scanning home button and bring the display closer to the edges, although the display won’t feature a “notch” akin to the iPhone X.... iPad Pro Face ID and Apple Pencil Upgrades Detailed in New Report

iPad Pro Face ID and Apple Pencil Upgrades Detailed in New Report

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