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iPhone XS: A New Test Suggests Apple May Have Undersold Its Battery Life

[2018-10-04 04:00:00]

Place the iPhone XS, XS Max, and last year’s X side-by-side and it could be difficult to tell them apart. To really appreciate the distinction, you’d have to look under the hood. But at first pass, what was under the hood seemed to leave a lot to be desired. One test by the tech site Tom’s Guide even suggested that XS had poorer battery life than its predecessor, the iPhone X. Fortunately for XS’s customers, a second particularly rigorous assessment has exonerated the early adopters. The 82 year old non-profit Consumer Reports has now released the results of their own battery testing and the results couldn’t be clearer: The XS clocked in at 24.5 hours and the XS Max lasted 26, the longest battery life of any iPhone by a long shot.... iPhone XS: A New Test Suggests Apple May Have Undersold Its Battery Life

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