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Joanna Stern Test Drives Magic Leap

[2018-08-10 15:09:48]

Joanna Stern, writing for The Wall Street Journal: The Lightwear glasses make digital objects sometimes look so real that they play tricks on your mind. I certainly didn’t think the flying robot I placed in the corner was genuine, yet the steam coming out of his jets looked like it was from a tea kettle. During one demo, I picked up an actual chess piece just to confirm it wasn’t another illusion. What makes Magic Leap’s objects so believable is how they fit into our world. Cameras and other sensors in the headset scan surrounding objects and surfaces — from your arms to the chair’s armrest. When I placed a virtual orange fish between two actual couch pillows, it swam back and forth between them. Fun video, too (as usual).  ★ 

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Joanna Stern Test Drives Magic Leap

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