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Logitech’s first wireless charger is the one Apple should have made for the iPhone X

[2018-08-07 03:01:01]

Logitech is getting into the wireless charging game with its new Powered Wireless Charging Stand, which the company is launching later this month for $69.99. According to Logitech, the company designed the Powered Wireless Charging Stand with Apple, and the end result is something that feels like the wireless charger that Apple should have released with the iPhone X last fall. Image: Logitech I’ve had a chance to try out the Powered Wireless Charging Stand, and it’s certainly one of the nicer chargers out there. The whole pad is made out of a sturdy, grippy plastic that holds the phone tight and doesn’t let it slide around, even when the device is vibrating. Like any good stand wireless charger, it’s also the...

Logitech’s first wireless charger is the one Apple should have made for the iPhone X

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