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RIP Hyper-Threading? ChromeOS axes key Intel CPU feature over data-leak flaws – Microsoft, Apple suggest snub

[2019-05-14 17:14:51]


Qualcomm will take at least $4.5 billion from Apple after settling mammoth legal battle

Apple and Samsung feel the pain as smartphone market slumps to lowest shipments in 5 YEARS

Apple hits back at devs of axed kiddie screen-time apps

And in current affairs... Apple recalls three-prong AC adapters after some shocking behavior

ood new, fanbys. Apple spds up n-str McBook latop kyboad rpairs, ccrding t hs leakd mmo

Why Qualcomm won – and why Tim Cook had to eat humble Apple pie

iOS 13 leaks suggest Apple is finally about to unleash the iPad as a computer for grownups

Apple disables iPad for 48 years after toddler runs amok

Cisco emits 25 security bug fixes for IOS, takes second crack at patching WAN router SNAFUs

Huge news from Apple: No, not mags, games or TV – more than 50 patched security bugs

Kaspersky Lab takes bite out of Apple in Russia over borked parental controls app

Qualcomm wins Apple patent case, loses Apple patent case, wins Apple patent case, loses Apple patent case...

Apple bestows first hardware upgrades in years upon neglected iPad Mini and Air lines

Apple: Group FaceTime allows up to 32 people! Skype: Hold my beer

Tim Apple. Larry Oracle. Ginni Layoffs: It works so why the heck not?