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Sprint Brands AT&T 5G ‘Fake’ in New York Times Advert

[2019-03-12 14:34:27]

Sprint took out a full-page avert in Sunday’s New York Times hitting out at AT&T’s 5G claims. MacRumors reported that  the advert branded the claims from Spring as “fake 5G” and it was not fasters that AT&T’s 46 LTE network. In February, Sprint filed a lawsuit against the 5G claims. In the letter [PDF], Sprint calls AT&T’s 5G Evolution “fake 5G” and clarifies that AT&T is not, in fact, offering faster speeds than other carriers who deliver the same 4G LTE advancements that AT&T has enabled such as three-way carrier aggregation, 256 QAM, and 4×4 MIMO…AT&T first started upgrading customer iPhones to read “5GE” in the iOS 12.2 beta, and the misleading branding will become much more widespread when iOS 12.2 sees a public release.

Sprint Brands AT&T 5G ‘Fake’ in New York Times Advert

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