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The Design of Loopback 2

[2019-02-01 10:24:16]

Rogue Amoeba’s Neale Van Fleet: When we shipped the first version of our audio routing tool Loopback in early 2016, its powerful technology was packaged into a somewhat stripped-down interface. Because we were uncertain how large the market for this tool would be, we chose not to devote too much time to the front-end of that initial release. By Loopback’s first birthday, it was clearly a hit with audio professionals and hobbyists alike. We knew it was time to begin planning how to flesh out the skeletal Loopback 1 into a much more refined version 2. I love this sort of “from sketch to finished product” look at the evolution of a design. There are a lot of thoughtful small touches in Loopback 2.  ★ 

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