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The new Mac Pro is Apple’s chance to make a PC

[2019-05-31 08:00:00]

”Can’t innovate anymore, my ass,” proclaimed Apple exec Phil Schiller when he introduced the redesigned Mac Pro back in 2013. It was meant to be “the future of the pro desktop,” but it certainly wasn’t. Four years later, Apple was forced to admit that the Mac Pro was a mess after some of Apple’s most loyal customers claimed the company had lost touch with its pro users and truly lost its way. If Apple is ready to unveil its new Mac Pro on Monday at WWDC, there can’t be any bravado about “courage” or innovation, it should be a time to prove the company has listened to those who have felt underserved and rejected. Apple doesn’t need to wow us with another innovative design, it needs to get back to the basics. Apple now has a chance to...

The new Mac Pro is Apple’s chance to make a PC

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