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Why These Deceptively Tiny iOS 12 Updates Have Reddit Users Hyped

[2018-12-05 04:00:00]

Apple shipped some seemingly marginal updates to iPhones and iPad Wednesday. But while iOS 12.1.1’s software patch didn’t introduce any flashy new features — like how iOS 12.1 introduced 32-person Group FaceTime — sometimes it’s the little changes that really make a difference for users. Indeed, this latest update has already proved popular by fixing some of iOS 12’s most contentious changes and tweaking a number of subtle details that were pestering users. These changes are by no means game-changing, but the Apple diehards on Reddit were elated by three fixes in particular. Here’s everything iOS 12.1.1 rolled out with and with a special emphasis on the upgrades that are worth a closer look.... Why These Deceptively Tiny iOS 12 Updates Have Reddit Users Hyped

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