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$13 accessory adds a microSD slot and a full-size SD card slot to any iPhone

[2018-08-10 21:31:31]

Have you ever heard the expression "never say never"? Well it doesn’t apply to Apple when it comes to the dream of iPhones with microSD card slots. It’s never, ever going to happen because Apple makes way too much money charging an extra $150 for iPhones with more internal storage. Apple is typically a pretty pro-consumer company, but it’s not ever going to change this policy. The Difini Lightning MicroSD and SD Card Reader isn’t a true workaround, but it is a great solution that allows you to offload your photos and videos to a memory card. It also lets you view photos and videos from your digital camera that are saved on an SD card, so that’s an added bonus. For $13, you really can’t go wrong. Here’s some more info from the product page: 🍎With a powerful multi-function transmission, insert your iphone device, you can read your SD TF card, you can also transfer through the Micro interface to your usb device, the maximum can support 521G external expansion, this is not the general equipment can be achieved. 🍎Imply taking more photos and videos. No worries about your iphone/ipad phone filled up with pictures and videos any more. Lightning device can shoot picture and video via the app "xDisk" from App Store and save them to your SD TF card simultaneously. (The SD/TF card no included) 🍎Support 8G~521G SDTF partner for sor and trail camera - Viewing, editing, sharing pictures and videos in the Trail camera and SLR camera by the phone whenever wherever. Support Micro SD SDHC (SRL camera/ Trail Camera/ Go pro Camera). 🍎While in travelling, you can send the photos that you took with camera via card reader from SDTF card to your iphone and share the beautiful moments of your journey 🍎Ensure 100% compatible and syncs with Apple lightning devices, can be used as iPhone ipad ios flash drive,18 Months Worry-free Warranty & dedicated email customer support.

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