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A New Apple Patent Describes How the iPhone Could Finally Kill the Notch

[2019-02-07 16:05:00]

Smartphone notches are synonymous with the iPhone, but future Apple smartphones could ditch the display cutout. The small, black space at the top of iPhone screens serves primarily to house the device’s Face ID sensors. But with the reintroduction of a biometric sensor, the Cupertino-based company could do away with the wildly unpopular notch for good without sacrificing much in the way of utility. Indeed, Touch ID may make a triumphant comeback in years to come, though it will be much more sophisticated than it was in the past. The thumbprint reader at the bottom of the screen drew its last breath in 2017, but an Apple patent granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office on Wednesday revealed that users might be able to unlock upcoming iPhones by placing their thumb anywhere on their screens.... A New Apple Patent Describes How the iPhone Could Finally Kill the Notch

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