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Adobe Lightroom CC for iOS just added the shortcut Apple promised

[2019-01-11 20:21:24]

Last October, when we first got our hands on the new iPad Pro, we saw a frustration coming a mile away: though this tablet is supposedly built for pros, you can’t do something as simple as import photos directly into Adobe’s Lightroom CC. That was still true when Nilay reviewed the tablet in November, but Apple said a workaround was coming — a Siri Shortcut that would automatically import photos from the camera roll into Lightroom, then delete them from the camera roll. Now, two months later, it appears that shortcut is here for both iPad and iPhone with an update to the Lightroom app: Only it doesn’t actually delete the original photos from your camera roll after importing them. You’ve gotta set that up yourself by...

Adobe Lightroom CC for iOS just added the shortcut Apple promised

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