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AirPods 2 Easter Egg in iPhone Keynote Hints at Two Exciting New Features

[2018-09-16 04:00:00]

A refresh to Apple’s wireless earbuds was glaringly absent during Wednesday’s iPhone keynote. But while the announced hardware was skimpier than expected, the hoped-for AirPods 2 might have been teased at the very beginning of the yearly tech ceremony. Most notably, the video added to speculation that the second-generation of AirPods will come with Siri integration and be much more waterproof.The product launch kicked off with the traditional hype video featuring an Apple employee rushing to get CEO Tim Cook a slideshow clicker before the presentation, but this year’s could have contained a massive Easter egg. The woman tasked with delivering the goods is rocking a pair of AirPods as she stops in front of a lake, asks Siri a question without tapping her earbuds or reaching for her iPhone, and dashes across the water. The voice assistant responds to her seamlessly and the earphones are completely unscathed as she sprints out of the water, two things that aren’t possible at the moment.... AirPods 2 Easter Egg in iPhone Keynote Hints at Two Exciting New Features

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