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AirPods 2 Might Take Some Design Inspiration From the Apple Watch Series 4

[2018-11-08 04:00:00]

Apple seems to think it struck a chord with consumers when it pivoted the Apple Watch Series 4 to the consumer health market. Now the company is reportedly trying to recreate this success in one of 2019’s most anticipated product launches. Details about the AirPods 2 have already started bubbling to the surface, and have most recently indicated that the earbuds might come with all-new health-tracking and fitness monitors along with the expected expanded Bluetooth capabilities.This is according to trademark filings in Europe and Hong Kong spotted by Apple Patently on November 3 which state that the AirPods have been classified as wellness devices. As for its new Bluetooth capabilities, a separate certification from the Bluetooth Special Interests Group unearthed by MySmartPrice indicates the devices will soon get Bluetooth 5.0 for better connectivity range and the ability to wirelessly transfer more data.... AirPods 2 Might Take Some Design Inspiration From the Apple Watch Series 4

AirPods 2 Might Take Some Design Inspiration From the Apple Watch Series 4

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