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An Artist Re-Envisions Modern U.S. Currency, and They’re Works of Art

[2018-08-10 23:29:12]

I love money. Wait, I don’t mean “money,” because of course, yeah money—w00t! I mean currency and coins. Fun fact: my favorite coin is a 1853-O Seated Liberty quarter with arrows and rays. Anyhoo…the Greenback is iconic, and the U.S. likes it that way. It helps makes the U.S. dollar the de facto global currency, and it’s a big reason it has looked largely the same for roughly a century. Paper made with rag cloth, the whole green thing, dead presidents. But other countries have been doing a lot with plastic and holograms and such in their own efforts to combat counterfeiting. Enter Belarusian artist Andrey Avgust (via The Next Web). Mr. Avgust did a project completely re-imagining U.S. currency using state of the art technologies. Specifically, he conceptualized layered polymers, with each layer of the plastic adding something to the overall bill. He also turned them sideways (the $10 bill would still be in landscape mode). I’m not advocating a change to U.S. currency, but his work is gorgeous, and his concept art is just amazing. Check it out.

An Artist Re-Envisions Modern U.S. Currency, and They’re Works of Art

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