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Apple hid a bunch of futuristic ideas in this HomePod patent

[2019-02-07 16:58:45]

Apple had an idea for a future HomePod that would offer an emoji version of Siri and LED lights that could display a variety of useful information, starting with the weather. In a 2017 patent application that was made publicly available in late January, Apple threw a bunch of increasingly far-out ideas onto its request to the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), as spotted by Mac Rumors. The patent doesn’t name the HomePod specifically, but it does describe it pretty accurately as a device housed by fabric walls containing a mic and a speaker, so it’s hard to think Apple is talking about something else. That said, Apple is thinking of interweaving LEDs within the fabric to display everything from the weather to the time to sports...

Apple hid a bunch of futuristic ideas in this HomePod patent

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