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Apple iPhone 11: Who Is the "Pro" Really For?

[2019-09-16 15:49:00]

What a week it has been in the Apple core. In recent days the tech giant has released a litany of products, including new phones, watches, tablets, and more.The big-ticket items are clearly the new iPhone 11 range. These hint at some interesting technology directions, which will most likely spread across the mobile sector.Of course, it’s hardly radical to create a phone that is also a camera, web browser, computer, and gaming device. That idea is as old as smart phones themselves.But Apple’s continued progression down this road raises the question of whether this trend can be sustained indefinitely, or whether there is, in fact, a limit to what the market will bear in terms of functionality, aesthetics, and cost. The new iPhones are priced from A$1,199 for the basic model up to A$2,499 for a top-spec iPhone 11 Pro Max.... Apple iPhone 11: Who Is the "Pro" Really For?

Apple iPhone 11: Who Is the

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