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Apple’s new iPhone names are bad, so it’s hard to see where it goes from here

[2018-09-15 09:00:01]

This year, Apple reached the end of its iPhone X (read: ten) names. Next year remains a mystery. Apple has gone through all the numbers from one through ten, skipping two and nine for its own reasons. Now, for better or worse, next year, it’ll likely need to figure out a new naming scheme. Apple hastened its way toward a dead end last year when it decided to switch to Roman numerals rather than continuing with numbers as it had done in the past. A report from Bloomberg at the end of August indicated that the people behind the names struggled to come up with names that would work. Since this year’s iPhones didn’t really change many things beyond last year’s, they didn’t seem compelling enough to grant a whole new name. The cheapest iPhone...

Apple’s new iPhone names are bad, so it’s hard to see where it goes from here

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