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Apple will sell a clear case for the iPhone XR

[2018-10-12 10:44:05]

Apple’s been selling its own silicone and leather iPhone cases for years now, but for the first time, it will sell a clear case with the release of the iPhone XR, as spotted by 9to5Mac. The iPhone XR will come in six different colors — black, white, red, yellow, blue, and coral — so it makes sense that Apple would want to sell transparent cases to show off the new designs. The announcement on its official iPhone XR accessories has been mysteriously missing from any US press materials, but a press release on Apple’s Canadian Newsroom shows that the clear case will go on sale for $55 CAD, which is about $42 USD. 9to5Mac obtained a marketing image of the phone case, shown below. Although Apple’s silicone cases sell for $39 in the US, and...

Apple will sell a clear case for the iPhone XR

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