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Can Film Emulator Apps Like VSCO Replace Actual Film?

[2018-11-09 13:36:41]

The Phoblographer writes about why film emulator apps like VSCO and iPhone don’t replace traditional film photography. My argument is that yes, they have. Film isn’t dead just like vinyl isn’t dead, but both have been relegated to a small group of people. I’ve tried to use VSCO as an editor for years, but I never stuck with it until they introduced Film X. Now I use VSCO for 90% of my own editing. You can write about how things like film and vinyl make you feel all artsy-fartsy, and how iPhone photographers aren’t real photographers. But the photographer’s goal is to capture the world, and you should use the best tools you can in service of that goal. Whether those tools are film, a DSLR, or a disposable camera, the end result is that you created something.

Can Film Emulator Apps Like VSCO Replace Actual Film?

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