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Canary launches a new SOS feature for its iOS app

[2018-07-12 14:24:29]

Smart home security startup Canary has introduced a “safety button” for their iOS app. The feature, powered by Noonlight, offers a distressed user the ability to get the help they need quickly, and with no talking required. The safety button — which looks like a miniature shield — is reached through the Canary app’s home screen. Upon opening the feature, users can press and hold the icon down, and after releasing it, they can enter their PIN to disable the distress call. If that doesn’t happen within 10 seconds, the app sends the user’s GPS coordinates to local law enforcement. Fire trucks or ambulances can be requested as well, via text or voice. According to Canary’s website, the app gives first responders your location faster and...

Canary launches a new SOS feature for its iOS app

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