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Eve Flare LED Lamp Now $10 Off Through April 2

[2019-03-29 21:11:58]

Eve Flare is a portable smart LED lamp you can take anywhere. Indulge in the aura of any color you wish, anywhere you want. Eve Flare delivers ultra-versatile ambient lighting that’s so mesmerizing, you’ll recreate the ideal atmosphere again and again and again. It gives you 6 hours of untethered illumination. Wireless charging. Durable casing with IP65 water resistance. Plus a carry-and-hang handle. This LED lamp is built to go from your bedroom to your balcony to your garden and beyond – virtually wherever you need a pop of light. Activating your desired ambience is effortless. Just use the app or chat to Siri whenever the mood strikes. Or set a timer and have Eve Flare come to life by itself, courtesy of your home hub. Plus, it’s HomeKit-compatible. You can pick it up on Amazon for US$99.90 with a US$10 off coupon at checkout,

Eve Flare LED Lamp Now $10 Off Through April 2

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