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Feature Request: User-selectable snooze intervals for calendar reminders

[2019-01-10 15:33:05]

I’ve never quite understood the concept of a to-do list. It’s never made sense to me to have a standalone list of things to do at some unspecified time, even if they can have pretty color coding and labels like Urgent, Priority and Today. I rely instead on calendar reminders. I do make very limited use of Apple’s Reminders app, but only for location-triggered ones. It’s really useful to get reminded of something when I’m in the right place to action it – at home, at a shop and so on. But for everything else, my calendar is my to-do list, for one simple reason … The post Feature Request: User-selectable snooze intervals for calendar reminders appeared first on 9to5Mac.

Feature Request: User-selectable snooze intervals for calendar reminders

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