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From the iPhone 4 to the S7, these are TNW’s most beloved phones of the 2010s

[2019-12-28 08:00:23]

Technologically, the 2010s were insane — especially when it came to phones. In the past decade, we’ve not just seen the capabilities of these devices explode, but their prevalence has skyrocketed too. The black rectangles are everywhere. They’ve taken over. We carry them everywhere. But getting to this point wasn’t as simple as it just, well, happening. No, instead there were thousands-upon-thousands of phones released in the past ten years that got us to this point, many of them deeply flawed, weird, or not very good — but we loved them anyway. Now, rather than rounding up the most “influential” or… This story continues at The Next Web

From the iPhone 4 to the S7, these are TNW’s most beloved phones of the 2010s

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