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GB Studio

[2019-05-17 20:05:53]

GB Studio is “A free and easy to use retro adventure game creator for your favourite handheld video game system”, by which they mean, but don’t want to name specifically, Nintendo’s GameBoy: Simple visual scripting means you don’t need to have made a game already. GB Studio also hides much of the complexity in building GB games so you can concentrate on telling a great story. What a fun idea from developer Chris Maltby. You can output ROMs for emulators, play them on actual GameBoy hardware with a flash cartridge, or even export them for the web (which will even work on phones). It’s a remarkably polished IDE. There’s something about one-bit displays that makes me so nostalgic — the original Mac, GameBoy, Newton, Palm Pilot, iPod. Those devices all inspired such deep affection. In our current world of ever-cheaper, ever-better color displays, I’d love to see one-bit displays make a comeback somehow. That doesn’t make any sense, but nostalgia comes from the heart, not the mind — ”the pain from an old wound” and all.  ★ 

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