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Genius Developer Whips Up App to Give Apple Music Users Their Spotify-Like Stats

[2018-12-08 15:00:00]

Spotify Wrapped is a tool that tallies up users’ most listened to songs of the year. On Thursday the company released this data to all of its subscribers so they can share and view their friends’ musical preferences. As the playlists filled social media threads, Apple Music users were pretty jealous.That’s because the Cupertino-based company’s music streaming service doesn’t provide the same kind of year-end feature, leading droves of Apple Music subscribers to take to Reddit to voice their gripes. But amongst all of the salty comments, one shining iOS hero emerged: App developer Lucas Klein, who took it upon himself to create an Apple Music version of Spotify Wrapped called snd.wave. In an interview with Inverse he explained how it’s even more comprehensive than Spotify’s version.... Genius Developer Whips Up App to Give Apple Music Users Their Spotify-Like Stats

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