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How Apple Plans on Teaching Siri the Name of Your Local Pizzeria

[2018-08-10 07:15:00]

Apple at trying to fix a barrier to both language and commerce that currently exists between users and Siri: having the A.I. actually recognize names of local businesses. Its plan? Giving the system access to knowledge of users’ geolocation so it understands the restaurants, boutiques, and hardware stores in specific neighborhoods.Apple has dubbed this technique “geolocation-based language models,” or Geo-LMs for short. And in a Thursday blog post in the company’s Machine Learning Journal, Siri’s speech recognition team explained they’ll use this to seamlessly bring up information about your local pizza joint instead of responding with the trademark, “Sorry, I didn’t quite get that.”... How Apple Plans on Teaching Siri the Name of Your Local Pizzeria

How Apple Plans on Teaching Siri the Name of Your Local Pizzeria

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