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iOS 12 Shortcuts: 3 Hacks for Taking Memes and Photos to the Next Level

[2018-11-09 04:00:00]

Apple touted its Shortcuts app as a revolutionary tool for productivity. But Reddit has already helped turn the scripting feature into a meme-making and photo-editing powerhouse.The app essentially chains together various commands across native and third-party apps. People can use it to simply help simplify their daily routine by having it order coffee, get driving directions, or set reminders with a single vocal command. But they can also wild out — like tech blogger Federico Viticci — and have the app dim a room’s lights, put on mood music, and set their phone on Do Not Disturb for a Shortcut he titled “sexy time.”... iOS 12 Shortcuts: 3 Hacks for Taking Memes and Photos to the Next Level

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