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iPhone XR’s Haptic Touch will soon gain another 3D Touch feature

[2018-11-08 10:58:52]

One of the differences between the iPhone XS and XR is the latter’s lack of support for 3D Touch, the feature that lets you press slightly harder on your phone’s screen to access certain shortcuts or “peek” at links. However, with iOS 12.1.1, 9to5Mac reports that Haptic Touch will offer one of those 3D Touch features — expanding your notifications — to iPhone XR owners. Haptic Touch was a feature introduced with the iPhone XR that lets you get some of the same functionality as 3D Touch without having the specialized hardware. For now, it’s largely limited to launching the camera or flashlight on the lock screen or adjusting Control Center settings. To access it, long-press on your phone’s screen, and a bit of haptic feedback will confirm...

iPhone XR’s Haptic Touch will soon gain another 3D Touch feature

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