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Kids Are Swapping AirPods so They Can ‘Talk’ in Class

[2020-01-22 15:52:58]

Gone are the days of having to sneak notes across the classroom in order to send a message to a friend. Kids are now using AirPods and push-to-talk tech to chat during school, according to iMore. It turns out enterprising kids are sharing AirPods and then using text-to-speech to allow them to “talk” without being caught. The obvious use case here is keeping up with your crew during class. Because nobody pays attention when their teacher is talking, right? That’s reserved for squares like me! The theory is actually one that is ingenious if you think about it. You swap an AirPod with your friend and then use text-to-speech to communicate with them.

Kids Are Swapping AirPods so They Can ‘Talk’ in Class

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