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Mac and iOS: How to unlock productivity using tags

[2018-08-09 12:55:00]

Enterprise or consumer, one of the most effective ways to become more productive with what you are doing is to tag your files  – they make it so very much easier to find what you need and combine different items into ongoing project files.What are tags? Tags are a useful way to categorize your files. They are color-coded and can be named and assigned to help identify files that belong to particular projects. What makes these very useful is that you can assign multiple tags to items, which means a single file can be included within multiple projects, when searched for using tags.Tags are available on both Macs and iOS devices (the latter via the Files app). If you sync items using your Apple ID and iCloud then you will find that tags given to items on a Mac are visible on your iOS device, and vice versa.To read this article in full, please click here

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