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Opinion: Apple is ‘playing fair,’ but Spotify doesn’t like the rules

[2019-03-14 00:58:30]

Earlier today, Spotify launched a new website called It’s Time to Play Fair, where it proceeded to lay out a timeline and “facts” about how Apple mistreats companies like Spotify. I saw a few snippets of it this morning, but once I had a chance to read the entire thing I almost laughed out loud. The delusion that the entire site has is a poor attempt to build a Steve Jobs’ style reality distortion field. Spotify had a “Facts” page, and I want to respond to it point by point. Before you a leave comment that I am an Apple fanboy, I would like to point you to articles where I prove that is not the case. The post Opinion: Apple is ‘playing fair,’ but Spotify doesn’t like the rules appeared first on 9to5Mac.

Opinion: Apple is ‘playing fair,’ but Spotify doesn’t like the rules

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