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Play the Civilization Game in Microsoft Excel

[2019-09-09 17:24:12]

Want to explore a new gaming experience? A developer known as “s0lly” created a version of the Civilization game that works in Microsoft Excel. Called [Cell]vilization, you can download the spreadsheet form s0lly’s website. The game currently features: Two player game (BLUE vs GREEN), in a hot-seat environment; move units around using WASD; move the camera around the world map independently of unit movement; build different unit types in cities using 0-6 keys; multiple unit types available, each with their own statistics, with some having special abilities ( see the “Tiles” tab); unit movement speed is dependent on the ground it traverses; build new cities to produce more units, more often; one world, with a close-quarters or larger / longer game setting available; Fog of war. You can watch a video and download it here.

Play the Civilization Game in Microsoft Excel

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