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Stacktrace Podcast 049: “Old enough to make reasonable decisions”

[2019-08-14 17:00:22]

Rambo explores running iOS apps on the Mac with Catalyst, John falls in love will full screen mode all over again, and Apple’s new security measures for Mac apps and batteries cause a bit of a stir in the community. Also, tips for minimizing distractions, our first app crushes, and how come SwiftUI won’t run on iOS 12 and below? Sponsored by Bitrise: a fast, stable and easy to use continuous integration service. Automatically build, test and distribute your app on every single commit that you make. Get started for free at The post Stacktrace Podcast 049: “Old enough to make reasonable decisions” appeared first on 9to5Mac.

Stacktrace Podcast 049: “Old enough to make reasonable decisions”

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