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The iPhone 11’s U1 chip will do more than locate Apple Tags…

[2019-09-16 14:40:55]

Apple has so far been rather cagey about the iPhone 11’s U1 chip, which is capable of extremely accurate positioning data. The company didn’t mention the chip at all during the keynote, and its marketing materials say only that it will put the nearest people at the top of your AirDrop contacts. In particular, Apple’s upcoming Tile-like tracker wasn’t mentioned, which was surprising, as it was likely the feature that led to the By innovation only tagline for the event. But locating Apple Tags isn’t the only thing the U1 chip could potentially do… The post The iPhone 11’s U1 chip will do more than locate Apple Tags… appeared first on 9to5Mac.

The iPhone 11’s U1 chip will do more than locate Apple Tags…

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