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The Motorola One Vision has a 21:9 screen and looks less like an iPhone clone

[2019-05-15 11:27:15]

Motorola is introducing a new member to its lineup of Motorola One handsets today, but it won’t come to the United States. Still, the new One Vision deviates from Motorola’s current smartphone family to such a degree that it’s worth highlighting. Its 6.3-inch LCD screen has a 21:9 aspect ratio that’s perfect for movies, a trend that Sony recently joined in on. Motorola calls the display CinemaVision. It’s not the sharpest panel in the world (1080 x 2520), especially at this size, but this is by no means a flagship-tier phone. The other instantly noticeable thing about the front is that circular cutout for the selfie camera. (Previous Motorola One phones had a very iPhone X-like notch.) Image: Motorola These are...

The Motorola One Vision has a 21:9 screen and looks less like an iPhone clone

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