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Will Apple justify the iPhone 11’s camera bump?

[2019-09-09 09:00:00]

IPhone XS and iPhone XS Max | Photo by James Bareham / The Verge Apple is announcing new iPhones tomorrow, and this year’s event will have all the usual trappings of an iPhone introduction, I’m sure. Expect a teaser video that shows you up-close shots of different parts of the phone before revealing the whole thing. Expect lots of talk about how powerful the processor is. Expect dunks on how Android never seems to be updated. Expect some kind of whiz-bang AR demo. Most of all: expect a lot of talk about the camera. Because the most notable expected change to the basic iPhone X-series shape of the phones is that it will have a big, square camera module with extra lenses — and everybody is already focused (pardon the pun) on it. Chaim Gartenberg has already written up all the news on what to expect...

Will Apple justify the iPhone 11’s camera bump?

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