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YouTube now recommends the best phones for video playback, and it doesn’t suggest an iPhone

[2018-08-09 13:39:29]

At its Note 9 announcement today, Samsung boasted the new phablet is a “YouTube Signature Device” for 2019. If you haven’t heard of that certification before, that’s because it’s a brand-new program YouTube just launched. The YouTube Device Report recommends the best smartphones, which it calls “signature devices,” for watching YouTube. These phones feature the ability to watch 360-degree footage, support for high dynamic range, high frame rate, 4K decoding, next-generation codecs, and reliable DRM performance. Google says its team evaluates each device and works with manufacturers to fix video playback performance and capability issues. The report launches with 18 devices, with the aforementioned Note 9 alongside other popular...

YouTube now recommends the best phones for video playback, and it doesn’t suggest an iPhone

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